Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Overview - Part 1

To get an understanding of who is writing this blog, I thought I would begin with the 5 Ws. I’ll split this into a couple of posts as to avoid being too boring.


I think the most obvious question is: “Who is writing this blog?”. I’m just a regular guy who enjoys beer. I have experience with home brewing and small batch commercial brewing, but I came to the conclusion that although I am able to brew my own delicious beer, my preference is having an opportunity to try a variety of different styles and breweries instead of trying to finish 5 gallons of my own creation.

I don’t consider myself a beer snob, but I am opinionated. As such, I will be honest with regards to what I believe is crap. If you’re looking for someone to wax poetically about Bud Light, Miller and Michelob, this blog will not be for you. I do, however, enjoy Corona and Tecate on a hot summer day. I enjoy some Canadian beer, mostly because it reminds me of my youth.
Another appropriate question is: “Who is Hitchens?”. Most importantly, I am NOT Hitchens. I’m not into personal self promotion, so I don’t plan on using my real name. This blog is not a stepping stone to writing a book, or appearing on the Food Network, so a little bit of anonymity fits my style nicely. Hitchens is the last name of a writer who passed away in 2011. I am a fan and felt like this little tribute was an appropriate homage to a man who had a healthy and enviable view on alcohol consumption.


There are a couple of different types of blog posts planned. Of course my primary focus is reviewing a very wide variety of beers. The selection will be mostly random, but may be influenced by the weather, travel and food that I am focused on at any given moment.

I will also try to provide details on the Brewery. While this isn’t always interesting, and may be skipped, there are times when the Brewery has a story that should be told. I found myself trying a number of different beers offered by Dogfish Head Brewery after watching an interesting documentary about them, but I doubt there is anything interesting to say about Anheuser Busch.

I will also write about drinking related issues, like being a beer snob, underage drinking and drink driving. I find the subject of underage drinking worthy of discussion because of my personal experiences growing up. I also want to talk with you folks about drink driving because it is an important issue. I know in the US we call it drunk driving, but I like the UK version better.

I will also review industry, political and historical issues about beer and alcohol that I find interesting. I hope you will learn a little something, or at least find the subjects interesting enough to read all the way through. This is not a food blog, but if there is an opportunity to discuss a beer/food pairing or if I can use beer as an ingredient, I will discuss it.

If you have gotten this far, you may continue to find this blog interesting and I appreciate the time you have taken to read and think about an important subject like Beer!