Thursday, November 8, 2012

Harpoon White IPA

Name: Harpoon White IPA
Style: White IPA - 100 Barrel Series
Brewery: Harpoon Brewery 

I have previously mentioned my high opinion of the Harpoon Brewery and their products, so I won’t take this opportunity to be redundant. Their 100-Barrel series is a limited release brew, so you may have difficulty finding this in your neighborhood beer store. I do like the idea of brewery trying limited release runs as a way of market testing new products, even though I have tried some that don’t match my tastes very well. To me, it shows that they are trying to offer new and interesting products, instead of sticking with the lowest common denominator and just making it cheaply (I’m just saying).

The Beer

Using my highly refined taste scale, I would put the taste at about a +3. I do taste the well defined hoppy finish you would expect from an IPA, but the bitterness isn’t as harsh and in fact quite enjoyable. Their description also talks about a citrus aroma and I would agree. It is slight, but it adds that little bit extra.

The cloudy look is a bit surprising and reminds me of a wheat beer, of which I am usually not a fan, but it doesn’t drift too far from it’s IPA roots. 

I did a better job this time showing a quality head on the beer, so I’d like to say I’m getting better taking the pictures, but then you’d expect a lot more from me and I just can’t make that commitment, yet. I am consuming this beer watching a football game I don’t really care about, so I can keep focused on the enjoyment of the beer!

If you can find it, please try the Harpoon White IPA. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

- Enthusiast

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