Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's Have a Curry!

Name: Kingfisher Premium Lager
Style: Lager
Brewery: United Breweries Limited


Throughout my beer drinking history, I’ve tended to consume the elixir either by itself, or possibly with a bar snack, like chips, popcorn, nuts, etc. Lately, though, I’ve been reconsidering beer as a match with certain foods. Specifically, I’ve been trying beer/food combinations that are specific to a single country, or even better, a specific region of a country.

While there are countries I wouldn’t consider matching beer and food, like Italy, France and Spain, there are a number of exciting choices still available. Future postings will consider various other Asian countries, Mexico, England, Ireland and Germany, but this posting is all about India.

Since this isn’t a food blog, I don’t want to spend a lot of time discussing my love and admiration for Indian food. For reference sake, I want to mention that during this meal, I enjoyed Paneer Tikka. It was delicious and the grilled flavor of the cheese curd matched well with the Lager.

The Beer

It’s been mentioned before, by me and others, that beer in a green bottle should be an early warning of skunky off-tasting swill. Because of that view, I’ve resisted beer (not on tap) in anything but a can or a brown bottle. I stand by my concerns, but an opposing viewpoint could be that while it is true that a green bottle may let in more light, thereby negatively impacting the taste of the beer, if the turnover rate of the beer in the restaurant or store is high enough that the beer  stays ‘fresh’, then there is less of a risk of the beer turning.

When I reflected on this beer, my highly refined taste scale proved to be a very useful tool to characterize the flavor. Being a lager, I was expecting to put this around a 0 (reminder: the scale goes from -10 to +10, from sweet to hoppy). This beer had an interesting finish that was a little bit more hoppy than I was expecting, but still quite enjoyable. I would put the rating at about a 2. Probably more like a 1.5, but let’s keep with whole numbers. The head of the beer I enjoyed is the top picture, and although I probably poured it poorly, it did maintain that head a respectable length of time.


Some beers need and/or deserve to be enjoyed by themselves, and not paired with food. Kingfisher is an example of a national beer that pairs up exceptionally well with the national cuisine. If you enjoy Indian food, please do try this delicious Lager while you still can.

- Enthusiast