Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blue Moon

I hate MillerCoors!

Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale

I’ve been pretty unhappy with my photography efforts of late, so I’m trying a couple of different techniques. Happier about this attempt, but it will take a little more time to get these photos where I want them.

Beer Reviewed: Winter Abbey Ale
Style: Ale
Brewery: Blue Moon Brewing Company (or should I say MillerCoors)


So in a recent post, I presented my thoughts on the idea of large, international, industrial brewers buying smaller craft brewers and hiding the ownership from the consumer. This Blue Moon ale is a perfect example. I’ve know about it for years, but never made the leap to actually try one of their beers. Once I did some poking around on, I was saddened to learn about this fraud’s history of ownership.

I chose this as a part of a collection of seasonal beers, because nothing says ‘Professional Reviewer’ like a themed series of blog posts. I had consulted my professional reviewer mentor for guidance, and he felt that it was the right way to go.

Professional Reviewer
Professional Reviewer

I will admit that once I learned of the true ownership of this beer, it tainted my perception of it. I don’t think this in any way invalidates my review, because we all bring preconceived notions about the beer we drink, and the only way to break through those biases is to struggle on with the fight! Wow, it almost sounds like drinking a bottle of beer actually has meaning and purpose.

The Beer

Blue Moon Poured Into A Glass

Quantitative parameters of beer character

  1. This isn’t bitter at all, and is one of the sweeter beers I’ve had in quite a while. I would put this at about a -5 on the Hitchens Taste Scale.
  2. Alcohol content is 5.6% alc/vol. This is less typical of a craft brew and more indicative of industrial brews.
  3. Color is a dark amber, with high clarity. The clarity jumped out at me because you know what else is clear? Water, Bud, Coors Light and other flavorless shit!

Qualitative parameters of beer character

  1. The aroma is a little unusual, I’d say sweet yeasty, if that make sense.
  2. The  flavor is muted and a little sweet. I catch a touch of coffee, or something a little toasted.
  3. Aftertaste was similarly muted and exited my mouth quickly. Nothing remarkable or noteworthy to hold on to.
  4. Mouthfeel is tingly, like industrial added carbonation, instead of the more natural in the bottle carbonation. Alright, I’m showing too much bias on that description.
  5. Carbonation was good and kept a good head. The picture is a result of my farting around with the camera for too long, but trust me, there was decent head.
  6. Temperature is probably expected to be cold, but again, I messed around with the camera and photos so long, it warmed up a bit,


This is a pretty boring beer, that I believe is trying to hide the fact the Coors and Miller are involved at all. Hopefully I will remember this weak offering when I look for another round of craft beers in the not too distant future. If you’re in the store, keep looking!

- Enthusiast

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