Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chocolate Indulgence

Yummy Belgian Chocolate!

Chocolate Indulgence Label

Beer Reviewed: Chocolate Indulgence
Style: Belgian Style Stout
Brewery: Brewery Ommegang


I was thinking about what I wrote in my previous post about Ommegang Brewery. Specifically, about whether or not it should be considered a ‘Craft Brew’ due to it being owned by a Belgian brewery.
According the Wiki, the output of the parent company, Duvel Moortgat Brewery, was 270K hL in 2001. My lack of more current information puts me at a disadvantage, but this volume puts the brewery well without the boundaries of what the Brewers Association consider to be Craft size.   
Beyond output volume, the other characteristics are what you would probably consider when you hear the name Craft. Innovation is a key, the beer is made with traditional ingredients, they are distinctive and individualistic and they are active in the community.

I question that last point, only because I would guess Bud Light is pretty active in their community, depending on how you define it. That said, I’ve enjoyed multiple events that the Harpoon Brewery has hosted, and it’s that level of local involvement that builds a stronger relationship.

There is one other characteristic that I want to reflect on further, and it’s this:

  • The majority of Americans live within ten miles of a craft brewer.

This brings up so many thoughts, like:

  • Is this a characteristic of the brewer?
  • Does that mean craft breweries can’t be in more remote areas that take advantage of lower expenses?
  • Do only American breweries qualify for the title?
  • Can there be no Canadian or Mexican Craft breweries, let alone European?

This blog isn’t limited to craft beers, but my personal tastes have favored those over recent years. 

The Beer

Beer characteristics

Quantitative parameters of beer character

  1. According to the peacemaking Hitchens Taste Scale. this is a sweeter beer, that I would put around a -3.
  2. The alcohol is 7% alc/vol, which is typical of these heavier, darker brews.
  3. The color is along the range of other stouts, but according to the SRM, this would be around 30 on Lovibond.

Qualitative parameters of beer character

  1. The aroma is what you’d expect, which is chocolate, brightened a little bit by the alcohol. I also get a toasted coffee flavor, but the chocolate is dominant.
  2. The flavor is fantastic by itself and in comparison to previous chocolate stouts I’ve enjoyed, which had a burnt taste, but this has a deep, dark chocolate taste.
  3. The aftertaste is the chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate..
  4. Mouthfeel last for quite a while.
  5. There is an interesting measure of the carbonation. Unlike most beers, this one has a cork, so I’m going to compare the carbonation to champagne. The cork popped with an audible sound, but nowhere near the volume of our delicious Veuve Clicquot that we enjoyed on NYE.
  6. I’ve been enjoying this cold, because I think it keeps down the alcoholic taste, while bringing out the chocolate.


This is a very flavorful stout that will give you that toasty warm feeling. I would highly recommend it on it’s own, but I’m so excited about my gift pack that I’m also looking forward to the other two in the pack. Grab this and enjoy!   

- Enthusiast

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