Monday, February 25, 2013

Monsta Dawg

One of the few things good about Logan Airport!

Green Monsta IPA Promo Picture

So this posting will be a combination beer review and bar review. I’m doing a hybrid post because I was unable to accurately record my detailed thoughts on the beer alone, and the bar itself was noteworthy enough to be mentioned, but not what I would consider a great pub. That isn’t an insult, since I don’t believe it would be possible to have a great pub in an airport terminal.

Jerry Remy's Restaurant Promo Picture

Ok, so let’s start with the beer. It’s The Green Monster IPA from Wachusett Brewing Company and I ordered that beer with an expectation of liking it. I’ve previously reviewed beer from Wachusett and I am quite fond of them. I was first exposed to their Blueberry Ale, so for the longest time, I considered them a great summertime, lighter, refreshing drink. I’ve since determined that they have a wide range of quality offerings, and this tribute to Fenway Park is as delicious as I would’ve expected. If you aren’t familiar with Fenway, the beer is named after the leftfield wall, called The Green Monster.

The beer is what you would expect from a craft brewed IPA, with it’s bright hops, and bitter aftertaste. It was delicious, and a great way to hang out at the airport, waiting for a plane to arrive. The beer is 6.0% alc/vol, and the brewery puts the IBU at 55. Like other posts, this seems high to me. It was a hoppy bitterness, but I would consider this at about a +4 on The Hitchens Taste Scale. At some point in the future, I’m going to reconcile my scale against the IBU, but that is for another day.

As a brief aside, the bartender was a lovely woman, who looked to me like someone famous.I know I have Oscar fever, and I’m only thinking about the nominees, which may be why I found her to be the spitting image of Jessica Chastain. OK, that may be the liquor talking, so let’s say she looked like a townie version. I’m probably overstating it, but I see no problem with letting my alcohol confused mind drift onto pleasurable shores. Regardless, I love redheads!

The Lovely Jessica Chastain

Now on to the restaurant. Jerry Remy is a former Red Sox player and current broadcaster who is expanding his empire to include a handful of bars that seem to server delicious food. I say seem to because while I was only there for the beer, I notice the patron next to me getting some sliders that smelled good. It’s a bright bar with a pretty big seating area. If you’re at Logan, you probably can’t find a better place in Terminal C for a drink.


I recommend Green Monsta IPA and suggest you drink it at one of RemDawg’s bars. It was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours waiting on a delayed flight, and the scenery wasn’t bad either.

- Enthusiast

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