Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cooking With Beer

This is not a food blog!

While it’s true that I am trying to make sure this blog does not drift into another passion of mine, food, there are times when these two loves overlap. I feel justified this week to mention a couple of beer/food collabs because one I cooked for the week, and the other came up on a blog that I’m quite fond of, Food52. This food blog has provide some diverse, interesting and beautiful blog posts over the months (years?) and while I don’t make a majority of their recipes, I want to and you might as well.

According to Food52:

We've found that the friendliest brews for cooking tend to be dark, like brown ales, porters, or stouts. They add a rich, roasted, and sometimes nutty flavor with a little sweetness. On the flip side, hops lead to an overpowering bitterness, so use hoppy beer in moderation and steer clear from anything with "extra bitter" in the name. Otherwise, beer has a place in all kinds of dishes. Here, we're running the gamut of recipes with dishes to suit any mood.

French Onion Soup Food Porn

The food blog ran an article this week focusing on 10 great ways to cook with beer, and I felt like it was worth a re-mention because as I expected, it exceeded a pet peeve of mine about cooking with beer. When people try to give recommendations for using beer as an ingredient, they are either ridiculous, like adding Chocolate Stout to your cake, or they are bereft of imagination, like adding your favorite Pilsner when you cook your Chili. I understand that Chocolate Stout sounds like it should be an ingredient in a chocolate cake, but if you said Dark Toasted Barley Stout, I doubt you’d consider it dessert.

Additionally, with the beer you add to chili, you may notice that they usually say ‘can of beer’, and although I understand that canned craft beers are becoming trendy, you and I both know they’re talking about the closest can of Bud Lite, in which case you should just piss in your chili.

Chocolate Stout Cake

Food52 has some creative and interesting dishes that can and should use various beers as a key ingredient. These dishes range from meats, legumes, soups, breads, breakfasts and desserts. Additionally, they have tremendous food porn, and even if they aren’t posting articles I’m interested in, I’ll still look to check out the pictures. 

Beer and Legumes Food Porn

The other recipe is a dish from the CIA that I’ve made previously and am making this week for dinner. It’s a beer braised pot roast, with a side of cauliflower mash. there is also a Kale recipe, but I skipped that one. 

CIA Logo

The recipe is part of the cookbook that is diabetes-friendly, but like all great food, it’s delicious if you’re diabetic or not. I’m not, but a protein heavy and carbohydrate light meal is always a good thing to try, so I did and I was happy because of it. Oh, and there is a video as well!

Beer Braised Roast With Onions
The recipes are from Jennifer Stack's new book, the CIA's The Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen, available for purchase at bookstores nationwide or at

I don’t usually ask for comments, even though it would be nice, but in this case I’d love to hear how you drink your beer, and more specifically, how you cook with it, if you do.

Thanks for reading!

- Enthusiast.

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